As you may already know from experience, this work definitely has some advantages in contrast to another regular, typical, “middle-class Sally” work. It does not require you to work office hours or in a specific establishment, you don’t have a boss or a dress code.

However, as you probably already have read or heard from other sources, be it your friends / your family / the internet etc., although there is not a specific kind of “what is/is not allowed to do” list, there is a sort of a protocol that needs to be followed if someone would want to see this kind of work rising higher to other peoples appreciation one day. Of course, by that we don’t mean that there is a strict set of rules that need to be obeyed. Rather than a few ground rules that exist to protect someones health and/or dignity, which includes i.e. someones anonymity.

When starting this work, it is very likely that someone felt less of himself and have a bad psychology. Consequently, it is more likely to think that he is in a disadvantegous position and therefore have less right to pass what he wants or what he thinks is right.

Which means that someone, maybe, under normal circumstances, would think that the customer has some sort right to special treatment or that the escort/male sex worker he/she has hired is obligated to obey every thing he/she says. That couldn’t be more wrong. Unfortunately, the “the customer is always right” mentality is embedded into many people and remains even to this day, causing many people to feel somewhat priviledged over you. That could not be farther from the truth and it is an issue that needs to be addressed and dealt with right away, as soon as the first signs of such a behaviour show up.

First, to get it out of the way, very good knowledge needs to be firmly established when it comes the legality of what to do and what not to do, what kind of equipment is allowed, where the services are going to be carried out and so on. Knowing what goes and doesn’t in this line of work is more than half the battle. This way, you can avoid what directly affects your job and/or livelihood which could potentially even result in jailtime.

But for the most part you shouldn’t have such problems. More often, it is weird requests and fetishes that you are going to have to deal with. Remember, someone will most probably come and request a male escorts services exactly because that what he/she has in mind is something that he/she could not do with his/her partner because it was fetish, extreme or was simply a little bit too embarassed to ask the partner to do. Therefore, the customer will request it from you and maybe even be picky about it. Make sure you lay down the law YOUR way.

Fetishes, weird preferences and bizarre behaviours are something to be expected. Just like with taxi drivers, you can’t say no to a customer just because you feel like it or you think you noticed something you don’t like. It is bad but you don’t have a saying right of the bat. You do however have right to express you dislike during the service. And it can be really tough when the customer is trying to kindly submit you into something by offering more money, but ultimately it is you who should decide at the end of the day.

How does that work? Well, again, it is unfortunate that we cannot sign a contract with the respective customer on each occasion, stating what is allowed and what not so that we have a guarantee in writing. But what can be done from your side, is to clearly state in the advertisement what goes and goes not. Make sure that although you do allow some things, other things are strictly forbidden. It can be a matter of physical health after all and not just preference or dislike.

Like already stated, many people retain the “I pay, therefore I decide” kind of mentality. Keep your ground, be nice, explain in full the situation and stay safe.