There comes a time when you would probably consider extending your services to a broader audience, to include people that may not desire sexual favors. It may be just as much, maybe sometimes even more profitable than providing a sexual service. For example, escorting someone to a gala or a public night out.

Being a male escort in general has brought some positive attention to the public opinion and how it views the male escort. One example is the praise the receive from the gay and trans community and one reason for this is because it kinda lifts the stigma of the jobs character. Especially when it comes to gay celebrities, this gives a lot of credit and justification to the work.

An escort is not always restricted to escorting somebody to a night out. It can be what many people are referring to as “a companion”. Someone who simply shares time with someone, charging by the hour, spending time talking or any other sort of activity that is different to sex. There is a strange increasing trend in more and more women who ask for a male escorts services and, although that may seem like an oxymoron because a male escort costs a lot, that may be valid for a number of different reasons. One is that women may feel a lot safer hiring an registered/professional escort compared to someone they met on dating apps because of their shadowy profile. Instead, an escort may have references and therefore gives a sense of security and respect. Also, it is the sense of comfort they get in the thought that they can always walk out of the date (it is they who set the rules) if something is wrong, something that is more difficult to do with other dates.

Again, the same rules apply for you. You can be a “ladies only” escort, a “male only” escort or anything in between if you wish to expand your customer list. Navigating through the internet, you may come across various stories of other escorts that describe their experiences. These may include stories with lonely old gay men that simply want some company or other elderly people that are so much into the sexual act and would rather keep it to oral sex and maybe some company before or after that. Of course, as easy or simple as this may sound, it still implies that the customer is always the customer and needs to be treated as professionally as anybody else.

But there is always a lighter side to this part of the job. Your customer will probably want to pay for your expenses, for example, in a restaurant or bar. There is an implication that comes along sometimes and that is the customer that wants to pay with something else other than money, like gifts, but that is something completely up to you to decide.

People that desire an escort just for a public date tend to be usually wealthy and pay well. It could be because they are people who attend rich social cycles. Maybe in these cycles it is generally considered taboo to not to have a partner and therefore pay well to have one.

Although there are some parameters that are same between sex and non-sex escorting that apply in both cases, maybe the non-sex case can present some challenges that do not usually exist in the sexual escorting. For example, in case the client simply wants company, this probably brings with it the challenge of finding something to talk about and therefore keep company to the customer for a longer period of time than expected. Some people may be comfortable with that but some may be not and prefer to have just mindless sex and get it over with. But of course there is always the advantage of not having to worry to much about your body (weight, body hair, personal hygiene etc.) as you would in the case of having to engage in normal sexual activity.

In general, it can be a different and fun experience. Not to mention interesting, since you will be coming to contact with another aspect of the job, let alone a side of people that is not usually surfacing. You’ll get to socialise more and that’s always a good thing, right?