LGBT and religion is interesting from the point of view that many seem to have to choose. Either you are LGBT or religious, which of course is not the fact. Being religous, or not, is a part of being human and has no connection with your gender identity or sexuality, yet many have had to choose one or the other, especially if they have belonged to a very rigorous path of faith which can be everything from Bhudism to Roman Catholic. This can lead to feeling disconnected or outcast without any security from ones ”own” as sadly, many have experienced to have had to leave their congregation and even families after coming out. This can lead to isolation, detachment from society and anxiety, all which are factors that affects both mental and fysical health.

Religion and society have always walked hand in hand. Religon has affected society and in later years society has affected religion and how we look upon it. There will always be a ”grey zone” where it is difficult to pinpoint if it is religion, culture or society that is speaking. Sometimes it is difficult to know from what angle things are interpreted. A lot of norms and regulations in society are seen on as being religious, but in fact they are cultural.

Can someone from the LGBT community be religous and belong to a certain faith? Of course they can. There are a lot of examples of people who have come out, even in religions that in peoples conception are very strict and have been accepted in the community. Those who might not have been accepted have gone on and maybe found other communities of faith who are more inclusive. And this is the core issue. Just because you are LGBT you do not stop being human. For some, it might be a hard struggle to find acceptance and a community, but with the world slowly waking up to diversity there will be more places that are accepting and inclusive because more and more people, even leaders in the different religious communities will understand that there is diversity in society and that everyone has a right to believe and worship no matter what religious path they might choose.