So here you are. You got our psychology set straight, you got our accessories, you got our client list. All good to go. Sounds good and simple, yes? Well, when you are living on your own maybe, but what happens when, for whatever the reason, you decide to start a family? Or even more complicated and tricky, when you already have a family and decide to become a male sex worker because you have no alternatives? Or maybe you do have alternatives to choose but you simply like the job and the tasks that may be given ahead of you…?

Well, you don’t really need to read this article to realise that this is one hard pickle to swallow (no pun intended). Blessed be them who have managed to keep a stable and quiet life when it comes to this challenge, am I right? I mean, try to picture it: you wake up, you say to your wife “Thanks honey for the cheerios, I’m off to have sex with a bunch of lonely grannies and I’ll see you later tonight”. When others prepare their suitcases with paperwork and/or tools, you prepare your backpack filled with sex toys, lube and condoms or whatever. Similarities do exist and definitely there is no reason for you to feel bad or weird. But it is also not unreasonable for you to feel that way, so don’t worry.

First and foremost, just like any other psychologist would probably suggest to you, comes the fact that you probably need to make amends with yourself. Think of it as maybe someone who is obese and his psychology is down the drain. You would have to go through a lot of personal struggle to embrace who you are while at the same time trying to be accepted by your loved ones as well as overcome and defeat the societal taboos.

The family problem is mainly your partner. As far as the children are concerned, it would probably be wise to let them grow up before you break this to them. It is all about understanding and trust and of course that would mean that breaking the news one sunny day hoping for your partner to understand just might not produce the results you would hope for. So best if you let him/her know as soon as possible. If you get through the first stage, which would probably be for him/her to accept the fact that this is your job and you need his/her support, you’ll probably get to the stage where he/she will be worried about your safety in general (crime, diseases etc.). This is your part of course, to show that what you are doing is actually legal, safe and according to all standards that make this job just another casual setting. However! To reach this point, as daunting as it may sound and as heartbreaking as it may sometimes be, means that you two have most probably gone past the first stage (acceptance) which is a small victory.

No matter how much you two are gonna discuss it, no matter how many times you go through the same things again and again, there will always be the fear that one day your partner will get fed up. One of the most important aspects of marriage or having a life partner is definitely the sex life which arises from a sentimental base. And it is not unusual for your partner to feel that you have become completely desensitivitised from your work and therefore feel that it may affect your relationship. These are hardships that are going to come along no matter what so it’s best to already be prepared for them.

Nonetheless, what matters is how you feel about it and how confident you are about retaining this kind of job and how long you want to keep doing it. As soon as you know and are 100% certain about that, you will already have won a big battle.