Getting to know yourself can be hard for a young person and it can be particularly hard for a young person identifying themselves in the LGBT community. There are a number of stress factors that can affect the mental health. Family issues, where one or multiple members of the family circle have a hard time accepting the fact that their son or daughter, grandchild, niece or nephew identify themselves as LGBT. Even among friends it can be hard to come out and some friends might opt to break the friendship because they can not accept the facts. In the educational environment there can be problems and bullying either direct or cyber bullying which can cause stress, isolation and even depression for the person who just happens to be identifying themselves in the LGBT community.

It is important that there is knowledge about these issues and that there is information and education about the LGBT community so that the young people can find support and help if they feel stigmatised. Prevention of people falling into depression or even committing suicide is of the highest importance.

Seeking help is important if the struggle gets too hard. There are support groups where it is possible to talk about things with people going through similar issues. Seeking the advice of a doctor might also help. The most important thing is to seek help. The problem does not lie with the person identifying as LGBT, the problem lies in ignorance in the general community.

As for the general community, education and information is essential. People in the LGBT community are no different from the general. We are all human with the same basic needs and wishes. It is important that friends say no to bullying and react if it is happening. Educating yourself on the subject will make it easier to argue on the matter, should it ever come up in a discussion. To listen and empathize can save a persons life on so many levels.

We are all human and we all need each other.