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You’re FIRED!

An escort outed at work is served a pink slip.

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This month, I faced a big challenge. I was fired from my job. It wasn’t because of my performance while on the job. It wasn’t something I did wrong or failed to do. It wasn’t politics or the way I conducted myself around the office. I was fired for being an after hours sex worker.

I’ve been working as an escort for about 5 years on and off. Mostly on for the last three and a half. When I go the steady day job two years ago, I found it hard to leave the sex industry because of the great experiences I had when it was my only source of income. I liked the vacations, the extra cash and let’s face it: living in New York City is NOT cheap.

Having a steady day job was nice and it allowed me to slow down. Instead of worrying about where my next client was coming from, and doing extra work to reach out to new clientele, I was able to focus on and cultivate great relationships with a group of regulars. You know people in the industry love, love, love our regulars and they also enjoyed that I’d see them more often.

“I know you’ve been working under an assumed name. I saw the websites. I must inform you that you have been terminated from your duties here effective immediately,” he said.

At work, most of my peers and supervisors would sing my praises every chance they got. I was allowed to shine and I worked hard everyday to achieve the organization’s core mission. I don’t know who turned me in. I don’t know if it was someone browsing the internet for a late night companion or if it was complacency on my part when I inadvertently tweeted something from my personal laptop on company wifi. I didn’t get to ask and they probably wouldn’t have told.

The only thing I know is one Saturday morning, my supervisors who had been my biggest supporter and someone I looked up to professionally called me with a tone that I had never heard him direct toward anyone.

“I know you’ve been working under an assumed name. I saw the websites. I must inform you that you have been terminated from your duties here effective immediately,” he said.

He threatened legal action if I spoke about the situation with anyone. I was banned from coming to the building for any reason and he didn’t want me reaching out to any current or former staff members. My first reaction was to comply. A couple of days later, I decided that letting this go into the shadows wasn’t going to happen. This essay is part of me standing up!

What a wake up call. I was in a state of shock for a full two days and it took me two weeks to stop crying when I thought of all the things I didn’t get to complete and all the people I didn’t get to say goodbye to. Not only was it the first job I’d been fired from, but it was the first time where I felt almost violated from being in the sex industry.

This is all new to me and how it will affect my future still hasn’t become clear. But whether it’s a “traditional” day job or sex work, I will not stop shining.

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Has this happened to you? Contact Urban Justice Center’s Sex Workers Project to get legal advice or referrals.

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  1. unionizedwhore

    June 5, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    Thanks for writing about this and standing up! We need some national and local anti discrimination legislation which I believe is attainable for all legal sectors of the sex industry; adult film performers, Pro Dom/Subs, exotic dancers, webcam performers, escorts, masseuses…

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