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Working Man’s Pocket Guide to Turning Trade

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Download: Working Mans Pocket Guide to Turning Trade (PDF)

Read it. Print it. Pocket it. Because smart sex sells.
Caught with your pants down? We promise not to leave you in the cold. These simple tips come from the pros just for you…

Have a travel bag prepared with all the basics you will need: condoms, lube, massage oils, handi-wipes, extra shirt, toys, mace (or other protective equipment). Never unpack your bag at a session. Have the bag ready to pick up and leave in an emergency.

Your body is your business. You gotta shower it, clean it, and take care of it. That means mouthwash, clean skin, and staying healthy. Keep it clean inside and out by avoiding STDs (know what you’re looking for by checking out HOOK’s Health Center) and contagious colds which might keep you from working.

Staying sober on calls keeps you at your best. The cops are more interested in busting you for drugs than hustling. Plus, a drugged out client is – at best – going to take forever to get off, and – at worst – paranoid and dangerous.

Remember to bank your money and don’t spend it all. In the beginning, you are the new face, but business evens out and the once cash cow can go out to pasture quickly. Don’t quit your day job ’til you’ve been doing this for at least a year. No amount of money is worth you sacrificing your health or safety.

Let them talk to you, and treat information respectfully. Also remember that even if he’s married, wear a condom. What he isn’t telling his wife is just like what he isn’t telling you. Also, protect yourself: use a pager or cell phone (not your home phone) and use a believable stage name.

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