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“What can I say in my online ad?”

Legal advice on the language and limits of what can be in your listing.

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Created by Sex Workers Project and HOOK ONLINE

Video Transcript:

If you are posting an ad for your services, you should make sure not to imply that you are engaging in prostitution. Every state defines prostitution differently. In New York, it’s a crime to offer sexual conduct for a fee, so we would advise not mentioning sex or specific sex acts in your ad. Before you post an ad, make sure you know the laws surrounding sex work in your state so you can avoid advertising your willingness to engage in illegal activity.

There are some other general guidelines for ads. First, it is not illegal in any state to spend time with someone for a fee. In many states, you may only offer “massage” for a fee if you are a licensed massage therapist. It is illegal for a non-licensed individual to practice “massage” – so if you offer another form of bodywork, make sure not to call it “massage.”

The other important thing to know is that police can and do have undercover operations to arrest suspected sex workers through their ads. If the police think you are providing sexual conduct for a fee, they may target you even if your ad is not explicit.

Created by Sex Workers Project and HOOK ONLINE

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