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Trick Translation Guide

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Download: Postcard Handout (PDF)

Often, interpreting a client’s intentions is tough – so HOOK gives you this simple guide to making sense from common client phrases.

WHAT HE SAYS: “I’d like to take pictures…
WHAT HE MEANS: …so I can sell them on the Internet.”
After the flash goes off, you won’t know what will happen to the photo. Protect your image like you protect your life.

WHAT HE SAYS: “I won’t cum in your mouth…
WHAT HE MEANS: …after it’s too late.”
With his hands holding your head, you can’t push him off when he’s already gushing. STDs can be transmitted orally.

WHAT HE SAYS: “More money for barebacking…
WHAT HE MEANS: …that you’ll need to spend on meds.”
You make a little bit more now, you’ll spend much more later on meds and healthcare (even if you have insurance).

WHAT HE SAYS: “Let me tie you up…
WHAT HE MEANS: …so you have no choices.”
May sound sexy or fun, but what if he has a hidden agenda? Stay in control as long as it takes to build trust.

WHAT HE SAYS: “You know me, can trust me…
WHAT HE MEANS: …to lie.”
Can trust be bought? That is essentially the question. You are able to play the fantasy, but keep a handle on reality.

WHAT HE SAYS: “Let’s get high…
WHAT HE MEANS: …so that you won’t know what’s happening.”
When you’re high, you give your trick chances to make decisions for you. Plus, is that hit better than making rent?

WHAT HE SAYS: “You’re my first guy, so I can’t have anything…
WHAT HE MEANS: …from another man.”
Chances are you’re not his first sexual contact. STDs can be passed just as easily during straight sex as gay sex.

WHAT HE SAYS: “I’ll pay you later…
WHAT HE MEANS: …when I’ve already kicked you out.”
GET YOUR MONEY FIRST! Screwing is fine, getting screwed is not. It pays to play it safe and smart.

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