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Devon Hunter explains their importance and how they'll boost your biz.

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Why Reviews Matter

Many new escorts are overwhelmed and have lots of questions: Am I going to be safe? How will I be able to trust my clients to pay me? Are people going to hurt me in some way? How do I choose whom to see and whom not? The list goes on and on… but think for just a moment: Put yourself in the position of potential clients.

Many have the EXACT same concerns about meeting escorts: Is he going to perform? Does he look like his pics? Will he take my money and run? Does he attack or blackmail people who contact him? Is he crazy or drug addicted? Mistrust is a knife that cuts both ways, so how do you help yourself by helping your clients?

One promotional tool you should strongly consider is reviews. Reviews are descriptive narratives that let clients share publicly their perceptions about you and your work ethic. It is best to go with a review forum that is vetted and verified, so that the quality and authority of the reviews is more reliable. Thoroughly reviewed escorts who have consistently positive/glowing reviews have an advantage over newbies, because they have established an ongoing reputation for excellence.


Where to Find Reviews

Some of the sites where escorts pay to place ads also offer a “review” function. These are not moderated, and of dubious value. Anyone can write and submit a cursory rating or comment (including the escort himself), and there is no system in place for verifying that the review, whether good or bad, is accurate. Another problem with these instant 5-star ratings is that escorts can pay to have unflattering rating and comments deleted. Some sites even allow the escort to delete the negative review manually. This should underscore how unhelpful these types of “reviews” can be.

Daddy’s Reviews, on the other hand, in an example of a forum that publishes reviews that are moderated. This means that Daddy himself is going to contact the person submitting the review to make sure it is being written by a real person who actually met with the escort in question. At Daddy’s negative reviews are not deleted, and the escorts have no control over what is published, edited, or deleted. If someone gets a negative review, he is given the chance to offer a rebuttal to explain the situation from his perspective, but the review is still published. This is a much more thorough and helpful way to compile information about you and your services.

Daddy will also verify your age, height, weight, fee, and other information (and he is happy to update your cover image from time to time, so that your appearance is also verified). The system at Daddy’s Reviews isn’t perfect (hopefully no one is watching of video of the appointment to verify that everything being reported is factual); however, it is far more reliable, because it is a form of third party “verification.” Read my reviews as if you were a client. How would you feel about hiring me after seeing what others say about me?

How to Get Reviews

The best way is to ask. When you have an appointment that goes well, ask the client if he would consider writing a review for you, so that future clients will know that you are not only the person in your pictures, but that all the information in your ad is accurate, and that you are safe, clean, courteous, reliable, and professional. Most clients who are happy with you will also be happy to tell others they are happy with you (and they will immediately recognize the value of sharing this information).

Another good way to get more reviews is to put links to your reviews on your ads, blogs, websites, and other promotional materials. If more people know about the review process, more are likely to contribute to it. If someone sees your reviews before hiring you, he will already understand what you are requesting if you ask him to write one. It would be ideal to get about ten reviews in the first year of escorting, so that you can relatively quickly establish that you are a respected professional. After that it is good to get a new review every six months or so, so that you can establish a long-term reputation. Reviews that are a couple years old leave clients in the same position as if you had no reviews: He is STILL as hot as his pictures? Is he STILL reliable? Establish your reputation, then maintain it over time, so that people can see across years that you have always been exactly who you say you are. This will not only make your work easier and more lucrative, it will help clients know better whether or not your branding is aligned with their interests (which can save all sorts of time and energy).

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  1. Bob S.

    May 29, 2014 at 12:04 pm

    I’d like to add that for our site reviews are edited and lightly moderated in accordance with our editorial standards. The standards we follow are intended to avoid allegations of criminal activity or STDs, personal attacks, clearly false reviews, etc, Although I don’t have the resources to verify all the details to the same extent that Daddy’s Reviews does, our site allows the escort to post a response online to a review (whether negative or positive). I also receive emails from both escorts and clients regarding corrections to reviews and I work with them to settle disputes as fairly as I can, even if that leaves no one entirely satisfied.

    We also do have a business relationship with one of the advertising sites that has “star” reviews. However, our review process is entirely separate from theirs and has no payment by the escort nor the client. We do not allow deletion of reviews by anyone on demand. Any changes in the content on are reviewed and approved by me as the Editor before going online.

    Thanks for the opportunity to add this information.

    Bob S. ~ Editor ~

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