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Tips for Men Wanting to Turn Kink into a Business

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Available for download as Black-n-White Handout PDF or 5×7 Double-sided Color Postcard

TAKE YOUR TIME (TO DECIDE) It might feel like all play, but this is a serious business. Being a BDSM professional often changes the way working men have to approach their public and personal lives. It’s important to have a support system you trust while making this decision as well as if you choose to work in the industry. Give yourself time to assess if working in the industry is right for you.

SET GOALS What do you want to accomplish with this change? Are you looking to make up for gaps between jobs? Maybe finance a new career or business? Perhaps this is a long-term transition to an industry you always wanted to join. If you are making a short-term decision, know what it would take to meet your goals and plan your exit – know how much time you want to spend or how much money you want to earn.  If this is a long-term career change, plan for the future by making plans to meet all your needs including healthcare and taxes.

BUILD A BRAND There is competition in the marketplace. The advantage goes to those who know what skills they have,  who share a positive image with potential clients, and who create quality engagements that set them apart. Know who
you want to work with. Be sure to turn away clients you are not prepared to handle.  Establish repeat clients that you already enjoy. Create an alternative name to separate your personal life from your work.

BUILD YOUR SKILL SET We can never stop learning! Whether it’s rope skills, staying safe, or smart sales tactics you can always get advice from the communities we belong to. Whether it is the leather community at local and national events or a program like HOOK’s Rent U, finding ongoing practice and skill sharing opportunities will make you better at everything you do!

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