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Interview with Rowdy McBeal

Extreme escort and porn performer talks tough sex and telling Dad.

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Rowdy McBeal has appeared in porn titles Dickwadd’s Bareback Pissers and Treasure Island Media’s Damaged Goods. He recently relocated from San Francisco to New York, where he works as an escort.

Dominick:  How did you come up with your name?
Rowdy:  Rowdy was a nickname a girl friend gave to me when I lived in Austin. I told her once that if all the faggots were to simultaneously riot, then gay marriage would get passed and that would be that. Her response was, “No, that’s not how it works. You’re just a rowdy fucking queer,” so that’s how Rowdy was born. When I moved from Austin to San Francisco, I adopted it as my name, so everyone in San Francisco actually knows me as Rowdy. McBeal came about from my ex Nick Moretti after I changed it from “Rowdy Gaines” (You know like, gains a load) ‘cause I didn’t want it to be diluted by the swimmer. Plus how shitty would it be famous and have a hooker “porn star” using your name? So Nick told me, jokingly, to be Rowdy McBeal cause it’s like puppy lawyer meets slutty schoolboy. At the time, I thought I’d do one or two porn shoots, so I went with it for shits and giggles. 25-30 porn scenes and over 100 clients later I still use it.

Dominick: It suits you. So how do you like New York?
Rowdy: I love New York. She’s like that gorgeous and sexy queen that wears a fierce outfit but throws shade at the same time. You hate her, you love her, but either way you gag when you get inside her.

Dominick: And here we are, inside her! Have you noticed any big differences between the guys in New York versus San Francisco?
Rowdy: So far my take is San Francisco guys are way more slutty.  I can walk down the street in SF, cruise a piece and make out with him on the spot, or take it to the garage or bathroom or alley (I live for garage blowjob moments). In New York it’s harder to do that, men are much more reserved. Both cities have gorgeous men. SF men are scruffier than NYC men generally, but NYC men generally have better fashion sense and are more cultured which is always refreshing. New York does the pretty and beautiful look really well. SF men and boys are the rugged scruffy types. I like to fuck both.

Dominick: What about working in New York versus San Francisco?
Rowdy: Working in San Francisco is a pain in the ass. I didn’t work nearly as much as an escort in SF as I did in NYC. A few of the other working boys say that as well. I did a shit-ton of porn and go-going in SF.  NYC, I can have a client a day if I really really want too. Usually, or at least 5 a week. In SF I had one a month when my ad was up so I didn’t bother escorting much (at least not on I did turn tricks at the strip club when I was stripping. That could be profitable but it was very old school, which, frankly, I really enjoyed. I like hustling clients down that way. It’s fun and a great way to establish chemistry between you and the client.

Dominick:  That’s an old school hustle. Now it’s all via the Internet, isn’t it?
Rowdy: Yeah, mostly. I hear boys can hustle the Townhouse and bookstores of course. I’ve hustled a client or two at bars but it’s very infrequent. If I’m at a bar that I can tell is a hustler type bar I may if it seems appropriate. But usually if I hit a bar it’s to go and hang with friends or take my own time off the clock to kiss boys (and daddies).

Dominick: How do you set boundaries with tricks? For instance, with drug use?
Rowdy: Well, I’ve been sober for  over 9 years. If clients are hosting me and want to use, that’s their prerogative. I don’t tell them what to do. I have had a few close calls with clients OD’ing on certain drugs and even on alcohol. As for my space, I don’t allow drugs inside my apartment. They can come high if they want, but they can’t use at my place. Booze I don’t care about. If they wanna drink, that’s fine, but no drugs. Most people are pretty cool and respectful. I only had one client who pushed the envelope about me drinking with him. Once I told him that if I started drinking I’d be stealing all his money and buying dope with it he stopped pushing the issue. I establish other boundaries when we meet.

Dominick: I think some readers will be surprised to hear that you (and other sex workers) stay sober.
Rowdy: Yeah. I think there’s a number of us out there that do. Of course there’s plenty who party too and if you can manage it and keep your shit together then keep on doing your thing. I have no judgments.  I look at it this way:  it’s a job. I treat it as I would if I was waiting tables or any other gig. I like to be professional and slutty.  On the professional side I’m expected to stay hard and perform whatever task is agreed upon during the client’s allotted time. On the slutty side, well there’s proof of that as anyone can see. I do wanna say that for me, If I were to get fucked up, there’s no way in hell I’d be a good sex worker.

Second, I was a fucking mess when I was drinking and smoking pot every day. I’d abuse to the point of oblivion and then hang out with some super fucked-up people. I never want to ever go back to that life. I get real shady when I use and drink. I’m the type of addict that’ll steal your shit and sell it when I use. Hah!

Dominick:  What’s your favorite scene?
Rowdy: The Dickwadd shoots were a lot of fun. The owners of that company are cool as fuck and I do love watersports in my personal life. I also love fisting. My favorite one would probably be when Derrick Hansen fucked me. He’s a really, really good fuck and sweet. The Damaged Goods scene was fun too. I ended up getting donkey punched (sort of!) by Brad Maguire in that scene and took a few facial bruises home to Christmas dinner that year. My dad and brother got a kick out of it. They know what I do. They didn’t watch the scene (well I hope not at least), but they knew where the marks were from.

Dominick: Whoa, family!  I wonder if sex work were legal, would more sex workers be as open around their families as you are?
Rowdy: I’d hope. I have no shame in what I do. I wouldn’t tell a potential employer what I do right now but all the family I’m close to know. My dad knows that I won’t listen to him if he tries and tells me what to do. He learned that a long time ago. This past Christmas we were talking about it and he essentially told me If I’m gonna be an escort I better be the best escort and get paid top dollar. He supports me in whatever I do as long as I’m happy, successful and sober.

Dominick: Your dad totally gets the last word. Get that top dollar Rowdy!
Rowdy: Totally! My dad is pretty fucking awesome!

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