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An Interview with Ray Dalton

Porn celebrity and male escort talks truth about his work.

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Recently, I had a chance to have catch up with escort Ray Dalton over lunch on a rainy winter afternoon. We’ve been friends and coworkers for some time, but I got a chance to learn a lot more about his career as a male escort and his plans for the future. Ray’s proof that any age can be a fresh face.

Portrait of Ray DaltonBryan Knight: How are you doing? How’s life?

Ray Dalton: It’s fantastic Ha-ha! I’m living the dream.

Bryan: What makes you good at what you do?

Ray: First and foremost, I know who I am. My feet are planted firmly on the ground. I’m more comfortable as a sexual being than most people I know. I love how it makes me feel and I ‘m not ashamed of it. I do not do drugs and live cleanly. I love people and making them feel good.

Bryan: What do you enjoy about your work the most?

Ray: THE FUN! Knowing I’ve contributed to someone’s day. Seeing my clients eyes light up. Putting a smile on their face. Introducing them to something that never knew they could do. And, okay, I love to travel the world!

Bryan: You have a long tattoo of text on your back. What is it?

Ray: It’s the Prayer of Saint Frances. It summarizes a lot about how I approach my life.

Bryan: How is spirituality incorporated in your life and your work?

Portrait of Ray DaltonRay: Every moment of every day I am present to the Spirit. That’s not to say I’m wearing long robes and sitting all day and praying or that I’m soft. I do believe anything I think or say or want, I can create in my life.

If I say I’m going to have a good day then I have a good day. I have always said I have the best clients anyone could ask for. The thought creates the best clients to show up in my life.

Bryan: Do you share your spirituality with your clients?

Ray: Yes, spirituality plays a big role. The flow of energy is circular, back and forth. When we are not spiritual there is blockage and therefore the experience is less than ideal. Blockage exists when there is fear present. When I am fearless you are fearless. We can choose excellence rather than mediocrity.

Bryan: Some of your interactions are very brief, some happen several times over years. Are these relationships strong and authentic?

Ray: Every time I’m with someone whether it’s for an hour once or several times over years, I’m with them entirely. My whole being and body is here with you, right now. Each day and each moment we have is a gift to be cherished and enjoyed to the fullest. I live that in all interctions.

Bryan: How is your escort and adult entertainment career evolving?

Ray: I want to go into straight porn!

Ray: Seriously?

Portrait of Ray DaltonRay: Yeah! It’s usually the other way around. I want to start my own clothing and product brand down the line. Especially underwear. LOVE underwear. Classic designs done to show off a man in his full glory.

Bryan: How did you start as a male escort? What was it like?

Ray: I started in October 2010. Around my third or fourth client I came to the realization I’ve been doing this all my life. The only difference was now I get paid. There are some subtle differences and idiosyncrasies pertaining to escorting rather than a casual hook up. But the basic bottom line principles are the same. Respect. Having fun. Both parties walk away fulfilled.

Bryan: What surprised you about being 40+ and being an escort?

Ray: My greatest fear about being an escort was being 43 and entering the field. Now that turned into my greatest asset. Clients love hot daddies!

Bryan: What are your long-term dreams?

Ray: To travel the world. To continue escorting to some degree for quite a few years. To produce porn. To be a successful Life Coach and a Fine Art Photographer having art exhibitions. It’s a good life to look forward to.

You can find out on his Twitter.

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