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What’s a vasectomy?

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A vasectomy is a surgical procedure where all or a portion of the vas deferens is removed. The purpose of this procedure is to render a male sterile and incapable of getting a woman pregnant. The procedure does not protect against contracting STD’s. A vasectomy does not affect you cum (because only 1% of semen comes from your testicles). Vasectomies are not immediate, so men should use other form of birth control for 4 weeks after the procedure. Vasectomies do not affect your testicles’ release of hormones.

Will you regret being sterilized?

It’s important to realize that having a vasectomy means that you will never be able to have children again. For many gay men this is not a problem or even a concern. You may be certain at the moment that you want to go ahead with the operation, but of course sometimes circumstances change. Men often change partners at some point in life and a man who has a vasectomy will not be able to father children in a new relationship. You may have heard that it’s possible to have a vasectomy reversed, but this procedure is frequently unsuccessful. So if you are contemplating having a vasectomy you should be as sure as you possibly can be that you won’t regret the decision.

What happens during the operation?

If you are certain of your decision to be sterilized the operation itself is simple and can be carried out in a clinic, hospital outpatient department, or sometimes even at a doctor’s office. Some surgeons do it under local anesthetic, others under general. Usually you’ll be able to go home after a couple of hours or so. What happens is that the surgeon makes a little cut on each side of the scrotum so that he can reach the tubes that carry sperm (vas deferens). He will then remove a small piece of each tube, or cut them and close the ends.

Will you have any problems after a vasectomy?

Sometimes bleeding, swelling or an infection follows the operation. If any of these things happen, you should call your doctor. Your scrotum may also be bruised or swollen or painful, but wearing tight underpants for support can ease this. If the discomfort continues, see your doctor. You should avoid heavy exercise or lifting for about a week.

 Does sterilization work immediately?

You can have sex as soon as you feel like it, but you’ll need to use an additional contraceptive method for a while. After the operation, you will still have some sperm left in the tubes that lead to the penis. This means that you should use another contraceptive method for the time being. About three months after your surgery you’ll need to have two semen tests, two to four weeks apart, to see if all the sperm has gone. During this time it is advisable to use other forms of contraception if having sex with a woman. 

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