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What should I do if I’m thinking of suicide?

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Something about modern life is killing more and more young men by suicide, but at the same time is not affecting young women. We need to know more about why this is happening and if necessary society must consider changes in the way we live to reduce the toll of suicide.

  • If you have any of the symptoms of depression outlined above, consult your doctor. If you have three or four symptoms, if you feel hopeless about the future, or if the thought of suicide has crossed your mind, you should contact your doctor urgently.
  • If you choose not to tell your doctor, tell somebody, anybody (a friend, religious leader, colleague or associate).
  • If you see the signs of depression in others, advise them to consult their doctor. If someone you know threatens suicide take the threat seriously.
  • Remember, depression is treatable, and suicide is avoidable.

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