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What kind of oral hygiene, flossing and brushing habits should I have?

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We have all heard the advice, “Don’t brush or floss right before a trick.” That is sound advice. Brushing and flossing directly before a date can open or create new openings in your mouth or gums. So don’t do it. However, there is a flip side to that advice. DO brush and floss as a part of your overall oral hygiene. If you’ve never flossed before, you’re gonna bleed the first few time you do it. That will pass. Flossing stimulates the gums and helps make them stronger. Good oral hygiene may help to protect you from contracting HIV orally. You have to decide when’s the best time to floss. So let’s review:

  • Use condoms for oral sex (come on, get creative…splurge for the “Tropical Flavored” water-based sex jelly)
  • Don’t let a guy cum in your mouth. Tell him bluntly! Say something like, “I wanna see you cum.” Or “cum on my chest.”
  • Maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing. If you have a 9am date and you don’t get up until 8am…don’t floss until you’re done with your date. (Maybe flossing right before you go to bed is best).
  • If a guy does cum in your mouth, spit it out immediately and wash your mouth out with mouth wash or water.
  • If you’re going to take a guy’s load in your mouth and want to swallow (not recommended)…then swallow immediately. Don’t play around with cum in your mouth. The longer it stays in contact with your gums and throat the greater the potential for infection.

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