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What is Nitrous?

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Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is a mild anesthetic used in the medical field. It is sold in small containers and in canisters for whipping cream. It is also sold in large tanks. A lungful of nitrous oxide ca result in a temporary loss of motor control, sensation and perception become disconnected. Users report a dreamy state and may experience mild audio and visual hallucinations. The effect is immediate and usually lasts less then a minute. Repeated use can extend and intensify the experience.

Caution: Nitrous Oxide is legally available over the counter but in many states it’s illegal to sell it to a minor. It’s illegal in some states to inhale nitrous oxide. Brain damage can occur, as the brain needs oxygen. Nitrous oxide is extremely cold when coming out of the canister. This can cause burns on the skin. Dispense it into a balloon and allow it to heat up. Regular long-term use can result in numbness to lower extremities and other neurological problems.

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