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What is K?

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Ketamine (K) was created as an anaesthetic. It is a liquid that is cooked into a powder that is snorted. In low doses, it gives the user a feeling that they are floating outside of their body. High doses can cause hallucinations. This is commonly referred to as a ”K-hole”. People state that it’s like a near death experience. While in a K-Hole, people are often very difficult to move and usually remain seated or lying down. Small lines called “bumps” are snorted and give the user a dreamy effect within 5-10 minutes. If it’s swallowed, the effect comes in 10-20 minutes. If injected into the muscle, less is needed and it takes effect in 4 minutes.

Caution: K caplets are sometimes sold, as E. The two are nothing alike. If injecting K never inject it into a vein, always the muscle. In low doses, it can increase heart rate. In high doses, it can lower your state of consciousness and can cause breathing difficulty. Its extremely dangerous when combined with other downers like GHB or alcohol. Frequent use can lead to mental disorders. K is psychologically addictive. K is illegal and possession can result in prison terms.

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