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What are the symptoms of pubic lice (crabs, scabies)?

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What to Watch For:

  • Severe itching on genitals.
  • Crabs: small nits (eggs) on pubic hair, small crab like insects infested in hair.
  • Scabies: redness on skin where the mites have
    burrowed, itching worse at night.

How You Can Get It:

Spread during human contact and usually direct contact with skin – but lice can be in clothes, on toilet seats, etc. and transferred that way.

Long-term Effects if Untreated:

  • Infestation is nasty. It can also make you tired as your immune system tries to fight off the things.


  • For lice (crabs), there are over the counter body lice removal products you can buy. They are just simple poisons that kill the insects – but not always the eggs, so you can expect to do a second treatment 5-7 days after the initial one.
  • For scabies, you will have to see a doctor to get the creams and potential other medications to cover the infestation.

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