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What are the symptoms of genital warts?

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What to Watch For:

  • Symptoms show up 1-8 months after having sex.
  • Small bumps, warts on the sex organs and anus.
  • The warts do not go away.
  • Itching or burning around the sex organs.
  • After warts go away, the virus stays in the body. The warts can come back.

 How You Can Get It:

Spread during vaginal, anal, and oral sex with someone who has genital warts. Also through skin to skin contact like mutual masturbation.

Long-term Effects if Untreated:

  • You can give genital warts to your sexual partner(s).
  • Warts cannot be cured.
  • More warts grow and are harder to get rid of.
  • May lead to pre-cancerous conditions.
  • May lead to vaginal or anal cancer.


Genital warts are not curable but can be treated. Surgery may be required to remove some warts.

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