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Is barebacking safe?

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It should be noted that barebacking is not a safe sexual practice activity. It puts you at high-risk for HIV and many other STDs.

Will pulling out put me at less risk when barebacking?

Pulling out before ejaculation may reduce your risk of sexually-transmitted infections. However, HIV and other infectious agents are in pre-cum, so this method still exposes you to viruses and diseases.

Will lubricant reduce risk of diseases when barebacking?

Use lots of lubricant to help prevent tears that may allow pathogens to get in to your system. Don’t rely on saliva or spit. Also don’t relay on pre-cum or cum as a lubricant. Avoid lubricants that contain Nonoxynol-9 as it can cause skin irritation. Lubricants have no impact on bacteria or viruses themselves and do not prevent infection.

Will cutting back my number of partners reduce risk of diseases when barebacking?

Limiting how often you bareback can reduce your risk and number of partners over time. This also allows time for tears in the rectum, urethra and outer skin of the penis to heal. However, this is not likely to prevent transmission of the virus.

Does doing drugs affect my risk of catching a disease when I bareback?

Both poppers and Viagra increases blood flow to the pelvic and rectal areas. They dilate blood vessels. This can make it easier for infections to occur, especially when barebacking.

Does douching or having enemas affect my risk of catching diseases when I bareback?

Douching or using enemas can strip away protective cells in the rectum. They can also cause small tears or openings as well. If you have multiple sexual partners, it best to wait until you have had sex with your last partner before douching.

Aside from HIV, what other diseases are possible from barebacking?

Get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B. Barebacking exposes you to fecal matter and other fluids that can carry hepatitis. Active hepatitis can lower your immune system and make it difficult to fight off infections.

Does urinating often help reduce my risk of catching a disease when I bareback?

Urinating frequently can help flush out infectious agents out of your urethra. Drink plenty of water and avoid becoming dehydrated.

Is it OK to assume my partner’s status if he is willing to bareback?

Communicate with your partner about sex. Ask about their HIV and STD status. Find out a head of time if you and your partner are willing to allow each other to ejaculate in each other. Never assume its ok.

Look and Feel

Look and feel for warts, lesions, discharges and other signs of STDs. If something does not look or feel right, you have the right to stop.

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