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I just ran away from home and I want to become an escort, what now?

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Working in the sex industry when you are under age and scraping together resources to provide a roof over your head and food is not usually the best answer. Running away from home to the big city, lonely and cold and your money has run out, you start to beg. Then you get enough to cover a hot drink or if you are lucky a meal. Time goes slowly, and you get strangers offering to take you home for a bath and a hot meal. You reject them every time because you are no fool, they want more than meat on the plate. And finally you give in you get the meal and bath and they want to be paid with sex. You leave after 3 days as you feel that they are worse than the street and the cycle goes on and on. Then you get drunk and your problems go away for a few hours. Then you try drugs that last longer and cheaper than drink. You start thinking clever ideas on your next bath and it goes on and on. You are given a bad drug but it’s too late you are dead in a dirty blanket. But the street waits while another number takes your place. The “real” world can be a very sobering and scary place. Go home. If you can’t go home then go to a friend’s house. Working the streets may seem glamorous, but the reality is that’s very difficult.

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