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Does diabetes cause sexual problems?

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Many diabetics will experience some kind of sexual problems or loss of sexual desire as a result of their condition.  Male diabetics may suffer from impotence and be unable to get or maintain an erection. Some men only discover that they are diabetic when they seek treatment for their impotence. Once their diabetes has been regulated through diet, pills or insulin injections, their sexual problems usually disappear and the ability to have an erection is restored.

Can you make your sex life work when you are diabetic?

Anyone who is diabetic and feels that this has caused problems with their sex life should discuss it with their doctor. It is important to clarify whether any sexual problems are caused by defects in the nervous or circulatory system as a direct result of the diabetes or whether they are of a more psychosomatic nature. An increasing number of diabetic men are taking Viagra to restore their potency. Other drugs that can help include the Caverject and Viridal Duo injections. If it has been confirmed that their diabetes has not damaged the patient’s nervous system and that there are no associated circulatory disturbances, then there is no reason why his sex life should not recommence with a little help and support from their partner and doctor.

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