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Can somebody with a history of heart disease have sex?

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There are a number of conditions and disabilities that make it difficult to enjoy a normal sex life. People with paralysis or severe forms of rheumatism, or a major organ failure such as heart or respiratory failure for example, find it hard to have sexual intercourse. The disabled person may find it hard to talk about their problem or to ask for any kind of help. A reluctance to talk often makes the problem worse. A patient’s sex life may suffer following a heart attack or other form of heart disease, even after recovery.  The patient or their partner may be afraid that the physical strain of sexual intercourse will provoke another heart attack. The exertion of sexual intercourse does not exceed climbing four floors of stairs at an easy pace, provided people take things easily. If the patient can climb four floors without breathing difficulties, significant palpitations or too much chest pain (angina), they should be able to have sex as well. Having sex may even restore their faith in their health. After the shock of heart disease, and the natural fear of losing each other, a couple may find that their relationship is made stronger by resuming their sex life.

Anyone who has had a heart attack and is concerned about having sex should ask their doctor for guidance.

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