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Can counseling or therapy help my sexual addiction?

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If you think you have a Sexual Addiction problem, therapy or counseling may help.

The first step of treatment is usually to recognize that your behavior is an unhealthy way of dealing with emotional issues. A professional counselor may help you to become more aware of both your behavior and the unresolved internal issues that may be causing your compulsive behavior. Your counselor may also help you make healthier behavior choices. A counselor would likely work to:

  • Help you understand that your behavior is an inappropriate and/or unhealthy means of dealing with or avoiding unresolved internal issues and serves only to create further problems in your life.
  • Help you identify the unresolved internal issues.
  • Work to terminate the unhealthy sexual behaviors.
  • Replace these behaviors with more adaptive strategies.
  • Build self-esteem and trust while repairing your negative self-image.
  • Promote healthier behavior choices and build appropriate close relationships that will function as reparative experiences.
  • If you or someone you know suffers from Sexual Addiction, encourage them to seek professional help.

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