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Besides sex, what other services does a prostitute provide?

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The services that a prostitute provides vary widely. Some prostitutes  provide no additional services.  They endeavor to do the absolute minimum  and then leave. Other prostitutes are more customer-service oriented, and provide attentiveness, respect, warmth, understanding, and caring. A wide range of other services are often provided as well, including massage, HIV  awareness, gay sex education, and referrals to gay resources. Some escorts  even provide “tour guide” services. Others are even willing to purchase illegal drugs for their clients.

Some prostitutes also specialize in providing certain types of sex-related services which are not necessarily sex in and of themselves. For example, some prostitutes provide S&M services such as bondage, flogging, and role-playing. Others provide a wide variety of crossdressing services. There is as much diversity among prostitutes’ services as there is variation in human sexuality.

In addition to all of this, prostitutes provide a number of hidden services for their clients, such as providing a nonjudgmental environment, discretion, and convenience.

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