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Pito Savage and Rick Talons

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Starting from the ground up, couple Pito Savage and Rick Talons are making Savage Talons a real force in the adult industry. HOOK had the opportunity to ask them about courting, creating as a couple, and what they think it takes to make a business work.

HOOK: How long have you two been in the sex industry?

Pito Savage: We have been in the business now for about 4 years.

HOOK: What prompted you to start in the sex industry? What keeps you working in it?

Pito: Rick and I conceived the idea of Savage Talons Media in 2009, but the name wasn’t attained until 2010. We were getting offers from different companies to do a porn, but some companies were wanting me and not Rick or vice versa. We’re not those kind of men. Neither one of us gets left behind. We move forward together as a couple, or we don’t do it. Plain and simple. We said, “Let’s start our own thing where we don’t have to worry about anyone’s one’s ‘say so’.” This is ours. We call the shots and run the show. We were sitting around the house one day thinking, “Why don’t we start our own company?” At first, we laughed about the idea. We started taking some pictures, and I started a Facebook account, posting various shots that we took. People just grew attached to them, and they were commenting, liking, and saying, “You should be a model or something.” I’m thinking, “Wow, these guys think I have what it takes to be a model?” Hmmmmmm… (grin) We started out with a blog that Rick built to build a ‘like’ing and fan base. At the same time, he was constructing and building a website for us and slowly started grabbing the attention of men from all over the world to take a look at us and see the kind of men we were and what we had to offer to the ‘World of porn’.

Rick Talons: When we started the blog, it was really meant to only be an outlet where we could post the pictures that we wanted without the restrictions that so many other sites were putting on us at the time. In time, our audience grew, and we were getting slammed with request to shoot a video with several other companies. We didn’t really like the idea of filming with another company, so we decided to start our own production company.

Pito: What keeps us working on it is the energy and love we get from fans to keep going. We have put a lot of time in what we do, and it motivates us to know that we started something that we had no idea on how to run and that we do everything on our own, from building our own website, music, majority of the photography, filming, promoting, networking etc. We have come too far to stop now.

Rick Talons and Pito Savage

(left to right) Rick Talons and Pito Savage. Main and insert photos Physique Fotos by Craig

HOOK: Can you share the story of how you two met? Were you already in the business? What was the dating like?

Pito: Rick and I met on A4A (Adam4Adam). At the time, we lived in Indianapolis, IN, and I was new to the site. I came across Rick’s profile. I had no profile pic, but I reached out to him anyway ’cause for one thing, I liked how real, down to earth and straight up he was when I read it. He wrote on his status what he was looking for, and it intrigued me. Shocked that he responded to a profile with no pic, but I instantly flooded his inbox with pics of me.  He liked them, of course. We talked for a few days on the site, and then we made plans to meet one another face to face to see if the vibe we had online was the same in person. It definitely was.

Rick: Neither one of us were in the business. I was a nurse at a level 1 trauma hospital, and Pito was gearing up for retirement from the Army.

Pito: Dating was great, right from the start. Our compatibility was awesome. Like any new couple, we both had to learn about each other because I wasn’t used to things that he was and vice versa. We both were really into each other and knew what we both wanted. We always met in the middle of everything.

HOOK: How did you two come to an agreement about the work? Are there guidelines you both adhere to? Can you share some of them and how you two worked together to develop them?

Rick: That’s simple; I have always had the knowledge of computers, technology,and how to run programs such as Photoshop, etc. Pito loves music, and he got familiar with the music program he uses. We just work together on combining the two.

Pito: We communicate with one another when things are developing. When Rick is making changes to the website or I’m working on some new music, we ask for each other’s opinion and analyze things carefully so things visually look right, sound right and go together perfect. Bottom line: We’re a team. He’s the webmaster. I’m the music man. We both are on screen making it happen.

HOOK:What do you consider the best thing about your relationship? What is the hardest thing about keeping it going?

Pito: There are actually a few things I consider the best about our relationship, 1. We are truly best friends. 2. Not only do I love me some Rick, but I am in love with Rick. 3.We like each other for who we are. I have my issues, and he has his. We both accept each other’s shortcomings and continue to rock through them no matter what.

Rick: There really isn’t anything I would say is hard about keeping our relationship going. We have been together 8 years now, and our communication, trust, honesty, commitment and respect are well installed between the two of us.

HOOK:Can you give three tips for guys that are looking to date while they are working in the industry?

Rick: 1. Don’t be jealous of your partner. 2. Always be supportive of your partner. 3. Know that there is a difference between love and just sex.

HOOK: What are your goals with the company?

Pito: Continue to grow our company, i.e.. more films, and more models until we are worldwide. Just continue to do what we do, and do it to the best of our ability. Meet great people along the way, have awesome interview opportunities like such, meet other men in the business, and we pray and hope to meet a tremendous amount fans from all over the world so we can show them the love back that they show us ’cause without them, Savage Talons Media would be nothing.

Rick: I’m not really sure I can answer that. I don’t really have a goal for this company. I know Pito would like to take it all the way to the top and blow everyone else out of the water. Myself? I’m not sure. We are pretty well known as it is. I think my real goal is to do the best we can, and one day, walk away knowing we gave it our all. Now, if that means that the company grows as big as Titan or Falcon, then so be it.

HOOK: Have you created a business plan?

Pito: We definitely have a business plan.

HOOK: Have you made contact with other entrepreneurs in the business? Are relationships with other companies friendly, supportive? Are there ways it could be improved?

Pito: Yes, we have talked to plenty of great entrepreneurs in the business: Cristian Torrent, Charlie Harding, Ale Tedesco, and Collin Stone, Bobby Blake to name a few. Rick has talked to quit a few, as well.

Rick: I have reached out to Diesel Washington on a few occasions as well as Charlie, Ty Lattimore, Matt Wolfe, and Damien Holt. There are a few more, but I’m not going to run the list down.

Pito: Relationships with the men in the other companies are very supportive and friendly. Awesome men!

Rick: I’m guessing you’re talking about the relationships with entrepreneurs in the business on how it can be approved?  If so, I can’t answer that because we haven’t had or seen any bad experience with others in the business that anyone was unsupportive or friendly towards us.

HOOK: Advice for new entrepreneurs?

Pito: Make sure the people you have on your team are ready to rock with you all the way because they have the same vision as you. It is a tough and very competitive industry. Just strive to always give 110%. Stay focused and never give up.

Rick: Make sure that this is really what you want to do, It’s not an easy business.

HOOK: What’s the one thing you want people to know about you that we haven’t talked about yet?

Pito: Please check out my 2 music cd’s I have out there, Fornicated Coma and Perverted Blackout. Both are available on our website. You can can also follow us several places: Our Blog, Tumblr, Facebook and at Twitter: @Savage_Talons.

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