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Party and Playing the Smart Way

Getting smart about getting high and getting off.

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Available for download as Black-n-White Handout PDF or 5×7 Double-sided Color Postcard

Let’s face it: some escorts and their clients are going to PARtY and play! Harm reduction believes people have the right to make informed decisions about what they put into their bodies, including drugs. But how do you keep yourself safe? Here are a few tips to keep YOU safe!

Take Care of Yourself! This is rule number one and is always rule number one! Always use clean, sterile needles from a reliable source. If you inject drugs, make sure you rotate the vein sites; in other words, take care of your veins.

Stay In Control. Unfortunately, you don’t know how a drug is going to affect you or your client. Therefore, at least the first time you meet with the client, try to take a very limited amount of drugs in order to stay in control and see how the drug affects your client.

Get Medical Attention. If something goes wrong, get medical attention immediately. You don’t need to explain how you know the person!

Avoid Mixing Drugs. Mixing drugs can be dangerous. For example, taking Viagra and doing poppers can cause a person’s blood pressure to drop causing a person to faint among other things.

Supply Your Own Supplies. Only buy from a dealer you trust if you are going to use. Never buy drugs for a client because it means that you can be charged with sale of a narcotic!

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