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Interview with Jace Tyler

Porn performer gets to bottoming and image control.

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HOOK: You’re a Brit!  You guys are all dashing and conservative. True? What do you think of that reputation?

Jace Tyler: It all sounds a bit Hugh Grant, doesn’t it? I quite like the idea of being described as dashing, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from this industry – it’s not to judge a book by its cover!

HOOK: Escorting is legal in the UK (sort of). Do you think there is a broader acceptance for men working in the sex industry there in the UK? How is it different than the US?

Jace: I’m not sure about there being a broader acceptance in the UK in comparison to the US. I’ve met a lot of American porn performers and sex workers in my job, and it seems that we’re all just two sides to the same coin. America is a different place in a lot of ways, but escorting is universal.

I will be making at least one trip spending a few weeks in San Fransisco later this year – so I’ll be meeting some American clients while I’m there.


HOOK: What’s your impressions of American men in the sex industry?

Jace: The many guys I’ve worked with from the States have really been at the top of their game. I’ve had some extraordinary experiences with them, but I’m not sure that’s representative of every end of the spectrum. The guys I’ve worked with, though; I’ve always been impressed by their attitude and drive. It’s a quality that cannot be understated.

HOOK: You’ve been swift at getting your name out. What are the ways you advertise? Did you have a plan when you started spreading the word about taking clients?

Jace: To be honest, I had quite a lot of guys contacting me who were fans of my porn movies that it was quite an easy transition. Making a name in the porn industry has always been my biggest priority, and the biggest challenge. Any advertising for private work or taking on clients has been minimal. Perhaps I should do more.

HOOK: Can you give three tips to guys looking to up their self-marketing game?

Jace: Lie, cheat and steal! No – I’m kidding, of course! I’m not sure I can offer three tips, but I can give three words… Word of Mouth. No matter what your situation, location etc – I don’t think that word of mouth can ever be underestimated.

HOOK: You’ve made modeling part of your brand. What does the modeling do for you? How does it pay? How did you make contacts to do it?

Jace: Again, this was something I found not terribly difficult as I established myself in porn. Porn is, was, and always will be my main focus, but I found that modelling kind of went hand in hand. the average film shoot involves staging lots of ‘action’ photographs, promo material and portfollio photosets – so I’d already met and worked with some great photographers even before branching out. I honestly haven’t made a significant amount of money from it – but it is fun and good for the brand. I do a lot of interaction with fans and advertising work with social media, so you can never have enough good publicity shots.

I travelled to London to rehearse and model in a fashion show early on, too, so that was great early stage experience before the bigger stage shows I’ve done in the porn industry.

HOOK: Does the magazine and video coverage help your business? If so, how?

Jace: Absolutely. It’s one of the best ways to get your name and face out there, and it is definitely something that the fans seem to respond to. A new magazine cover comes out and I always get a ton of new messages from existing fans and potential new contacts.


HOOK: What about control of the images? Do you release all control of their use?

Jace: That generally depends on who I am shooting with. I’ve found that with modelling I have more freedom and control – I’m very clear about what I want or what I don’t want to do. I often get to approve the images before anything is made public, but with porn you don’t often have that advantage. The shoot and what it is going to entail is well established and discussed beforehand, so I haven’t ever done anything I’m uncomfortable with – but generally once filming is over and you’ve signed the model release, all images and footage is in the hands of the producers/editors etc. It’s never been a problem though. Some images I like more than others, but as long as the shoots go well and the fans are happy, I’m happy. I wouldn’t get jaded about the occasional less favourable image.

HOOK: Any concerns about future disclosure if you left the industry? If not, why?

Jace: No, I am proud of what I do. The experiences I’ve had these past two years – I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I apent my first year or so of working in the industry, travelling the world etc while balancing a monotonous warehouse trucking job with 900+ men. I arrived early one morning to find that the entire warehouse had discovered or heard about my movies…. including the management, the security departments, the offices – everybody! I got a bit of flak, but it was fine. I’m not ashamed.

HOOK: Bottoming seems to be one of your key messages. Do you have strategies for being a good bottom? Can you give a couple tips for doing it right?

Jace: You know, I have a lot of straight male friends who’ve been curious about the same thing – often they’re asking on behalf of their girlfriends! One thing I get asked a lot is, “Does it hurt”. My response and that if it hurt, nobody would do it! Take it slowly, know your ‘capablities’, be well douched and lubed – and make sure to enjoy it!

HOOK: We have found an increasing number of guys in the business engaging in negotiated play with regular clients. What’s your thought about this?

Jace: Regular clients can be the best, as you get to know what works best, build up a trust etc etc.

One offs can keep things interesting, but I think most guys would tell you they prefer regular clients.

HOOK: What about your client relationships: do you find it easy to set boundaries with clients? What do you say to them?

Jace: We generally have a discussion about expectations, boundaries etc beforehand – but I try to be as open and versatile as possible. It’s important to know that some guys are quite inexperienced and don’t always know exactly what they want, so it doesn’t always pay to be so rigid or to expect a whole checklist to be established.

HOOK: What’s your goal? World-domination? Or more seriously, what’s your philosophy about approaching your business?

Jace: World domination – totally! Frankly, I’ve had such fun and such amazing, surreal experiences doing what I’ve being doing so far, I see no reason to stop or change anything now. My day to day life has changed drastically – I’ve moved to a small southern Spanish town and I’m earning my diploma to become a personal trainer – so I’m working in a gym 3 days a week. Things have become a little more grounded and domesticated – I even have ducks and chickens. But I’m still meeting clients, travelling for film shoots and continuing everything I was doing before, just less UK based. I’m heading to Paris for a bunch of films in a few days, will be going to Amsterdam a few weeks after that and planning a trip to San Fransisco to shoot movies and meet clients later in the year. I’ve also got more photoshoots planned and a fashion show, as well as continuing my monthly magazine collumn that I work on from home. My philosophy for anything is just to do it for as long as it’s fun – and I am most certainly having fun!

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