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Gays & Religion: They Simply DON'T Mix...or do we?

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Music has played an integral part of human civilization since the beginning of time dating back to the days of hunter gathers. And in no other subculture is this more apparent than in the gay lifestyle where music has transcended into becoming more than a lifestyle choice but our religion. Many may dismiss my claim thinking that here I am just another Gay Queen looking to further destroy the sanctity of religion, as many claim we have done with that of marriage. I beg to differ!

Music has been that voice when our mouths were afraid to speak, it has given our souls strength to walk with our heads held high through crowds shouting out derogatory names, and it has been the driving force to build up our bodies at the gym breaking down stereotypes that gay men have weak effeminate bodies. From Sisaundra Lewis’ “Shout”, to Whitney Houston’s “It’s Not Right”, to Madonna’s “It’s Human Nature” and most recently RuPaul’s “Sissy That Walk”, their lyrics have been our gospel and these are just a few of my many favorites.

This being said our Saturday nights have become our night of prayer where we gather together in celebration and dj’s have become as well known to us as celebrities where we will pay obscene amounts of money and travel far distances just to hear them spin. I refer to them as our preachers, who like any great preacher, they spend a lot of their free time scouring the globe for lyrics from all kinds of music, relevant current events and even movies, which they later spin into danceable tracks or sermon if I may, in order to inspire it’s faithful believers to celebrate who and what we are. Among my favorites are NYC Resident Dj Tony Built, Dj Paulo, Dj Susan Morabito, Dj Dan Slater, Dj Pringles and who can forget Dj Junior Vasques most well known for pissing Madonna off with his mix of “If Madonna Calls I’m not here”.

One can argue that our Saturday nights gathering are nothing more than a bunch of horny men looking to get laid, but with hookup apps such as Grinder and Scruff not to mention the many other hookup sites such as the popular and, where finding a guy to fuck in NYC is at times much easier than ordering Chinese take out, I can assure you that our faithful attendance goes beyond finding a good lay. Having been raised Roman Catholic I decided to draw parallels between the two:

  1. Category Catholicism Gay-Musicism
  2. Day of worship Sunday morning Saturday night
  3. Days of service / yr 365 365
  4. Place of worship A Church A Dance Floor
  5. Message Deliverer A Priest A Dj
  6. Message Prayer Song
  7. Performers The Choir Go-Go’s / Drag Queens
  8. Income Donations Cover Charge

Religion is nothing more than a belief shared and we believe music is the answer. And on that note I leave you with my current ‘prayer-list’:

  1. “Free To Be” by RuPaul
  2. “Girls Gone Wild” by Madonna
  3. “Shout” by Sisaundra Lewis
  4. “Accept Me” by Vernessa Mitchell
  5. “Sissy That Walk” by RuPaul
  6. “A Don’t Give A” by Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj
  7. “Die Another Day” by Madonna
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