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Interview with Cyd St. Vincent

Escort and porn performer talks boys and bonus holes.

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Cyd St. Vincent is an FTM performer who has been working in the adult industry in many facets for 10 years now. He is one of people behind and in front of the scenes of the new gay FTM studio Bonus Hole Boys. He also works for the amazing St. James Infirmary, a peer-based occupational health and safety clinic for sex workers and their families, in San Fransisco. I have known him for 7 years and am excited to present this witty, charming and smart interview of this handsome man!

Photo courtesy Bonus Hole Boys.

Israel Oka: How did you get started in the adult industry?
Cyd St. Vincent: I was friends with this woman who shot porn for random magazines. I shot for her in 2004 for what was one of the first ‘queer porn websites’ ever and then she asked me if I wanted to take some extra pics for a trucker porn mag. I remember feeling pretty scandalized by myself, it seemed a lot more real – maybe because I was hitchhiking a lot at the time and would see the magazine in truck stops and then feel like everyone was staring at me. Before that I also did this informal kind of street based sex work, on the walk to University men in cars would slow down and offer me a ride. In the car I would give them head or let them touch me and get 40 bucks and a lift to school. I thought I was so hot that all these cars were stopping for only me, it didn’t occur to me that I was walking down a stroll.

Courtesy Bonus Hole Boys

Oka: What do you feel are some big differences between working pre-transition and now?
St. Vincent: I would say I have more intimate relationships with my tricks now. The people who hire me generally- gay men into trans dudes – tend to be pretty great people. So I’ve developed some longer term relationships with clients in a way that I never would have pre-transition, or just in the moment, I’m available to share some openness that leads to a genuine connection even if we never see each other again.

Oka: What are some of your favorite things about being in this industry?
St. Vincent: Even though I currently work at a non-profit I continue to work in the sex industry because there are things about it that I deeply enjoy. Money of course remains part of it – its a way for me to conceive of building savings in my life – but also I enjoy escorting as a way to have casual sex much more than I do through bars or hook up apps. In sex work you are chosen by people, so it forces you to leave the homogenous comfort zone of who you would choose to hook up with. Through sex work I’ve been exposed to the delights of daddies and grandpas, the biggest bears and the skinniest twinks, and all kinds of people who’s lives would never have intersected with mine, except for in this context. I consider myself much richer for my time with them.

Oka: You recently just started a new porn studio called Bonus Hole Boys. Tell us about the company, it’s vision, and what your big dreams are for the studio.
St. Vincent: Bonus Hole Boys is a gay porn company featuring gay porn stars and trans guys fucking. Our shoots feature high production value and nasty, nasty sex. I am so thrilled that I get to be part of this company, it was always my dream to see gay porn with bodies that looked like mine and its one of those magical moments of being an adult where you get to realize dreams like this. We want our company to expand gay mens knowledge of trans men and be part of the push to get trans men into the mainstream porn world. We are making incredibly hot porn, and I hope that it sparks something in people. Our shoots contain daddy boy scenes, frat boy hazing, casting couch creeps, edging and bdsm and gym locker cruising. All of these shoots are elements of my own personal library of sleaze that I get to cast with gay porn stars, often our shoots are their first experience sleeping with trans men and they are super into it. Its all a big dream!

Oka: Do you think that trans men are starting to become more visible in the escorting & porn industries?
St. Vincent: I do definitely! When I first was escorting as a trans man some 5 years ago, I was one of the only folks I knew of doing that and now there are definitely a lot more. I think a lot of this is the increased cultural reception of cisgender gay men to trans men. By large there are a lot more gay men who are saying they are into trans men now than in the even recent past. I attribute a lot of that to an increased porn presence – I think imagery does a lot to educate people about our existence.

Oka: Do you have a preference between escorting and doing porn?
St. Vincent: I love both in different ways. I really like doing porn for the exhibition of it all, I like creating a product and then seeing that product go out into the wild world and be interacted with. I’m good at porn and who doesn’t enjoy watching yourself do something well. I like escorting for the adventure of it all, opening the door to a total stranger and how you get to a place of pleasure and intimacy with them is such a journey.

Courtesy Bonus Hole Boys

Oka: What does the perfect escorting session look like to you?
St. Vincent: I love escorting with people who are receptive and open in a way that genuine chemistry can be built. Older leather daddies continuing to exist in gentrifying neighborhoods, pussy virgins who just can’t get enough, queer men living in isolated communities who are really excited to hang out with a perverted faggot like me. I like escorting the best when I feel like we’ve both identified the best things about each other and used that information to fill an hour (or two) with just making each other feel absolutely amazing.

Oka: Are there any difficulties that come up being a trans man in this industry?
St. Vincent: Because a lot of people don’t even know what a trans man is when they come across my profile, sometimes they decide to use me as their own personal google by texting me with a series of questions that aren’t relevant to us having a session. I get it, and also I’m a busy person and don’t have the time or interest to answer “when did you decide to be a man” 2-3 times a day for people who got access to my phone number through the understanding a financial transaction should most likely occur if they contact me. Its basically the same thing as calling a Chinese restaurant, expecting them to tell you about Chinese history and then getting outraged when they tell you to fuck off.

Oka: What would you want a client to know if he is curious about hiring a trans guy for the first time?
St. Vincent: I encourage clients to watch porn with trans guys in it and read up a little to get an understanding about what it means to be trans, your provider will appreciate it! Then, don’t assume all trans guys are the same. Some of the basic assumptions I get hit with are that I used to be a lesbian and so I’m new to sleeping with men (I’ve been having sex with men for 13 years and sucking dick is as natural to me as water to a duck) and that I’m 100% bottom (if you want to call my fist elbow deep bottoming, sure). So what I said about asking questions in the above statement, I’m not saying you shouldn’t ask questions, just make sure they are in the spirit of understanding each other with relevancy to the session, not just general what is it like to be trans subject matter. So like “what do you like to do in bed?” “What words do you use to refer to your body?” and “how do you like your body touched?” are good questions to cover for guys who are new to sleeping with trans men, and also good questions for establishing consent with anybody.

Oka: Do you have any advice for other trans guys trying to break into this industry?
St. Vincent: A ton of guys ask me about getting into sex work, but to go into the basics. First, I would say decide who you are as a provider, what it is that you are selling, and who is your target audience. What are you really excited about? Where do you have skills to spare and where do you need to build experience? Build a profile around that. For a lot of new guys breaking into the industry I think webcamming can be a good place to start. You get used to working with clients desires but with the added benefit of less pressure because you aren’t in the same room. I’ve been in the sex industry for over a decade, so when I started working as a trans guy I already had years of knowledge navigating boundaries which has been useful because sometimes people are pretty pushy and rude to trans people either through benevolence or ignorance, so its good to have some deflecting skills and also feel very confident in your ability to say no even if it means walking away from money.

Oka: Are there any new scenes that you shot that we should be anticipating?
St. Vincent: Why thanks for asking Israel šŸ˜‰ For one, yours! For those in the audience: you and I shot at Dore Alley with Memphis Bradley (who is another FTM provider on RB) and that scene was super hot – playing with a trans guy in a super public space and inviting people around to interact, me eating his ass while you beat his chest. I’m also gagging to see the frat boy hazing shoot that we did with Christian Wilde, Sebastian Keyes and Kipp Slinger with double penetration and an ookie cookie ending. Then I shot with Connor Maguire in the dungeon at, I loved climbing that tree of a man so much.

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