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Combat Clock Blocking

Escort Tyler talks simple and smart timetracking that won't get in your way.

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I remember my first client ever like it happened last week. I would know that guy anywhere, and I saw him several times over the course of my run with the agency I started off with. He was never meant to last though (which I certainly didn’t know at the time), as he was more of a ‘collector’ than someone looking for any longer term interaction. He liked only single hour appointments, and he wanted new boys every couple of weeks. It was unusual, but never difficult or uncomfortable. Single hour appointments can be extra tricky, though, because while you don’t negotiate cash for anything but your time, you still want to make sure everybody has an enjoyable experience and leaves feeling like your trip was worth it.

Before our first “date” (and I’m putting that in quotations because even in this profession, this was a lite version of the idea) I remember being intensely concerned about what I would wear, how I would groom, what he would want me to do and – not so much “would I be able?” but “would I be good enough?” thoughts in every shape and size. I wasn’t nervous, per se, but I wanted to be ready to be everything he expected me to be.

As it turned out, he just wanted me to be attractive (sure), have a penis (yep), and like having it in someone’s mouth (I do!). He spent 10-15 minutes when we first met telling me how “beautiful” and “perfect” I was (which was nice, but slightly unsettling from a perfect stranger), and then proceeded to deepthroat my dick for 40-45 minutes. I remember about ten minutes into my first professional blowjob, flopping my head over the side of the bed, peeking at the cable box, realizing that somehow only 22 minutes had passed, and being unable to fathom what was going to have to happen to consume the next 38 minutes. I panicked. I realized in all my preparing for everything that could happen, I had never thought to plan out what actually WOULD happen. I had no sense of pace or timing or ‘now that we’ve done that, how about this?’ schtick to help move things along. I didn’t know what to do. So I just threw in and tried to make it seem like it was the best head I’ve ever gotten and that I never wanted it to end, in an effort to keep him focused on that for the hour.

“This is the best head I’ve ever gotten!” I said, probably more times than was convincing.

“I never want this to end!” I moaned. He grunted and pushed my torso flat against the bed again.

Eventually I came, and it did end, and he was perfectly pleased with the interaction. But I knew that if I wanted to keep doing this I would have to develop some kind of rhythm and pace to my interactions so that we didn’t spend too much time with introductions, or too much time afterwards cleaning up or getting dressed.

Tyler Dålig Ulv is an escort/writer/gym rat/graphic designer living in Brooklyn.  You can find him at, or connect at twitter or tumblr where he’s @tylerthebadwolf

Tyler Dålig Ulv is an escort/writer/gym rat/graphic designer living in Brooklyn. You can find him at, or connect at twitter or tumblr where he’s @tylerthebadwolf

As I started seeing new clients, I started practicing, and secretly using my phone as a queue to move things along. I’d set alarms to chime like an incoming text (while keeping my real alerts on silent) every fifteen minutes, so that I would hear them in the other room, but they wouldn’t be intrusive or surprising. When I heard that sound, I’d steer the conversation or a hand to more important matters than what the client did for work or where their partner was that evening (a conversation I never want to have but feel like I end up repeating in many exchanges), and kept the pace moving quick and tight.

Once I figured out about how long it took to make someone feel more at ease, to get their shirt off, to get my cock out, etc., it just became a matter of paying attention enough to ride things right up till the close of an hour and then suggest things we might do in a second or third hour. Of course there are more times than I can count where I’m having enough genuine fun that I don’t really care that we’re over time, and I’ve certainly offered an hour “on the house” in the heat of the moment just so I can keep going. But I like to play by the rules for the most part, because that keeps everybody on the level with what expectations should be; my time is this much per hour, you want to play for X hours, I’ll do my best to keep you on track.

And, not that I’ve found much practical application for it in real life, but I’ve become a master of reading cable box clocks while hanging upside down over the side of a bed.

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