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Boundary Basics

5 Simple Smart Safety Tips for Working in the Sex Industry

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Available for download as Black-n-White Handout PDF or 5×7 Double-sided Color Postcard

1853_handout_468x612Maintaining healthy personal boundaries while working in the sex industry means:

  • We have improved self-confidence and a healthy self-concept.
  • We are more in touch with our bodies.
  • We are able 
to communicate 
with clients.
  • We can have better, more fulfilling professional relationships.
  • We can create 
more stability 
and control 
in our sessions.

Tips for keeping that boundary are:

Give Yourself Space
You have a right to personal safety. Your client sessions are not permission for anyone to compromise your sense of physical (or emotional) safety. You have a responsibility to yourself to assert those boundaries at any time during a session. Give clear indications before the session as to any significant boundaries you may feel important to communicate.

Be aware of your environment
Do a quick check for exits and always ensure there is a clear pathway to them during your session. It’s important to keep things cool, but if something gets out of control, you want to make sure you can react swiftly. Keep any bags or materials you bring with you near the door and in plain sight.

Be clear. Be direct.
Being able to explain your boundaries ahead of time will help you share them with someone that may be trying to push you to cross them. Share in words that are pleasant but direct.

Know what unreasonable looks like.
You may be clear and assertive about boundaries, but if the person listening isn’t respectful about them, you need to have an exit strategy. Be attentive to any excessive alcohol or drug use as that impacts a client’s ability to understand you or your own capacity to communicate.

Trust Yourself
You know the most about when someone is doing something that makes you uncomfortable or puts you at risk. Trust your gut, and know that you can always leave.

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