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Fresh Face: An Interview with Bear Will

Get a one-on-one look with this beary sexy male escort.

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I first saw Will on Rentboy and he made my eyebrows rise. Who is this? I had to find out. I got to see him in person for the first time at the Dirty Bear event at the Rock Bar. Dude can dance! I interviewed him in his hotel while he was doing a photoshoot with Chris Reed. We started talking as he was on all fours building a boudoir portfolio.

Portrait of Bear WillBryan Knight: Your beard is beautiful! How do you make it that way?

Bear Will: (strikes a pose) Blue Beard’s original beard conditioner. I also use a tea tree oil hair and body moisturizer by Paul Mitchell. Great stuff, been using it for years. Old Spice Bearglove helps finish it off. (adjusts his beefy butt) It literally took me hundreds of dollars to figure out the unique blend that works for me. Every beard is different. You have to experiment.

Bryan: What kind of underwear do you like?

Will: Love 2Exist. Nasty Pig and Fort Troff have some good stuff. But a good jock strap is always classic (takes a seated position like the Buddha).

Bryan: Is escorting your full time gig?

Will: No way! I have a photography business and am an LMT in Virginia (Licensed Massage Therapist). I just started this back in November.

Bryan: What made you want to go into male escort work?

Will: Just for fun, I went to be a stripper at Secrets in DC. People were shocked, but the crowd loved it. I was named the first “traditional bear” stripper in DC in March 2014. Since then, I’ve helped other “traditional bears” get into the dancing and public appearances. It was a really slow period in my massage business. So I stared advertising on the m4m massage sites. What surprised me was how often happy endings were requested and expected, which wasn’t part of my official practice. I found out about Rentboy and started reading about escorting.One weekend when things were slow, I signed up for my first ad. It sucked though. I needed the money for that weekend, but my ad wasn’t approved until Monday! Didn’t get to see any cash until after that.

Back in 2014, I left an 11 year relationship. My ex said, “You’ll never make it on your own. You’ll be back.” That really affected me. I decided that even if I had to sleep in my car, I would become independent and not have to rely on anyone. I want to be the romantic, caring person I feel I am and live my own life.

Portrait of Bear Will

Bryan: What is male escorting to you?

Will: It’s not about sex. It’s really about creating connection. That’s what people want.

Bryan: Are you getting a lot of calls?

Will: Yeah! Clients tell me they’re thrilled to see a traditional bear available. There are lots of hot guys with abs, muscles and full heads of hair. But plus size boys are chased after. A lot. I’ve already been flown out to Dallas, Miami and I’ve got some other trips planned. Clients really like me for a traveling companion.

Bryan: What experiences do you have that make clients feel connected to you?

Will: Well, I’m a Buddhist. I’m open to experiences and try to treat everyone well. I’m all about service and responsibility. I was a volunteer firefighter for more than 10 years and a police officer. I know how to handle myself and help other people.

Bryan: What do you want to do with your money?

Portrait of Bear WillWill: Well, I’m paying bills fast! Soon I want to go on my first cruise: Just me and peace and quiet for a little while.

Bryan: Are you gay? Straight? What?

Will: I’m pansexual actually. It’s the personality that turns me on. I’ve been with men and women and trans people.

Bryan: Have you actually entertained female clients?

Will: Yeah! They love me. Not as much as men, but I get them calling sometimes. They even show up!

Bryan: What’s next?

Will: I’d like to do some porn. I’d like to travel and see the world. It’s all new and fun to me, so I’m just enjoying the ride.

Bryan: Are you going to bear events? I’m sure you’ll be popular.

Will: Bear Pride in Chicago, NYC Pride, and Ptown are high priority. Maybe even Texas Bear Round Up in Dallas. I’ll be there soon.

You can find out more about Will’s appearances and philosophy at his site, visit his Twitter, and his photography here.

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